We value hand fabricated, one-of-a-kind pieces that are purposefully made from high-quality materials to bring forth their inherent beauty.

We design objects with stories, and in that way, we hope to connect people. By supporting artisans with valuable skills, a bridge is created from one generation to the next.

We choose the artistry of handmade over machine made object. A small marking on a ceramic piece, the irregular lines of hand-woven textiles or the variation of naturally tinted colours are all subtle signs that a piece is unique, and real.

In an increasingly complex world, we want to simplify things. We want to focus on beautiful, tactile objects at a smaller scale.

We propose an alternative to the ‘buy and replace’ culture of our day, to a more mindful investment in carefully considered pieces. We hope to create heirlooms that become visual reminders that we should treasure that which gives us joy.

Supply chain

We want you to know where our pieces come from and the journey they take to get to their destinations. We value fair trade and believe that arts from around the world should be shared in a responsible way.

To make hand-crafted items take time and by waiting a bit longer for a piece that you will buy once and keep forever you are directly investing in highly skilled artisans and the communities they support.


We believe in fair renumeration and giving credit where it is due. We hope to uplift the craftsmen and women that work with us, as they uplift us. It is only when we take hands that we are strong.