KASSA is a design studio created by sisters Korine Krüger and Sanet Stegmann.

Our interests and creative expressions have evolved together throughout the years as sisters and friends. The result is a complimentary creative bond that allows us the opportunity to spend (even more) time together. Korine studied Architecture while Sanet studied Interior Architecture. A shared profession sealed by an appreciation and love for design has led to KASSA.

Korine gained valuable experience from visionary South African architects Jo Noero and Heinrich Wolff during her five year tenure in Cape Town. She also had the privilege to work for Thomas Gouws and Gass Architecture studios. Passionate about education and sharing knowledge she also spent time at the University of Pretoria where she was a visiting lecturer in the design atelier. Sanet worked for Interior and furniture design studio, Tonic Design under the guidance of Greg Gamble and Philippe van der Merwe. In 2015 she moved to Paris, France to pursue her Master of Arts degree. After obtaining her degree, she gained experience working at the TextielLab in the Netherlands to learn more about the art of creative textile manufacturing.

Before starting KASSA, Korine and Sanet, together with design friend Georgina Cox, founded Studium Design Office. Studium was a multi-disciplinary design platform that allowed our aesthetic curiosity for design to be translated and transformed into different forms and spaces. During the two year collaboration, Studium was involved with various projects, ranging from the renovation of a heritage house to a pop-up design stand at the Jhb Handmade Contemporary Fair for Sunday Times. Studium also led the creative direction of the Jozi FNB Art Fair at the Sandton Convention Centre in 2015. The Rotunda Drinks Unit, a custom furniture piece, was also included into the “A New Wave exhibition” hosted by respected Southern Guild gallery in Cape Town and Johannesburg.

At KASSA we strive towards integrating design and the human element in an elegant fashion, hoping that daily life is elevated by our involvement… even if just for a moment. Design has the ability to address and find wholesome solutions for numerous challenges in our fast changing world.

You are welcome to contact us regarding projects, ideas and concepts that you would like to develop further. Our services include architecture, interior architecture, graphic design, product design and creative direction. We enjoy making small details and big dreams come to life.