Halau bench is a contemporary interpretation of a traditional telephone bench. The bench will be
 on display at Salone del Mobile 2018 in Milan, Italy.

The Halau range comments on the way that we communicate today: Information transfers anywhere, at any time, wirelessly and on-the-go. Halau bench is a simple interpretation of a traditional telephone bench that was used to facilitate a moment dedicated purely to communication.

With a keen interest in people and the way that they interact with objects, we posed the question: What would a contemporary interpretation of a piece of furniture used purely to communicate look like? Mobile phones are simultaneously a symbol of freedom and yet a source of great isolation. The way that we communicate is constantly evolving. As non-stagnant beings we move around and are able to use smart devices to be connected to the rest of the world wherever we are. This false sense of connectedness has led to the fragmentation of society and a misguided understanding of our own realities. The Halau bench encourages one to mindfully sit and slow down to contemplate one’s connectedness through communication. The bench design needed to address the challenges of a complex world in a practical manner for the 21st century user. A wireless charger was therefore incorporated into the frame allowing for easy charging of smart devices.

To inform the bench’s materiality and colour, we looked at a setting where communication is challenging due to the natural expanse thereof, the Kalahari desert. The Kalahari landscape infinitely stretch to the horizon with unique layers of sand, bare vegetation and scarce water sources. In the vastness of the Kalahari people live far apart, and yet are more connected than the majority of urban dwellers by being aware of the unspoken signs of nature around them communicating important information to ensure survival. The palette used in the Halau range was inspired by the constantly shifting shades of burnt sand and the pale blue of sparse water sources that allow survival. The Halau bench stands on a hand woven rug. Each stitch was craftfully woven to represent the unspoken links connecting us.

The Halau range motivates and proposes communication as a way to re-connect. The wonder of communication should remain just that… a wonder.


‘Halau’ bench

(‘Hello’ in the South African native language of the Khoisan)

945L x 440W x 660H

Handmade wooden bench with a wireless charger.

Satin-duco finish.


‘Halau’ rug

(‘Hello’ in the South African native language of the Khoisan)

1000 x 600mm

100% Mohair rug.

Handwoven at the Karoo Looms, Prins Albert, South Africa.

KASSA STUDIO. All rights reserved.