The blanket range is a homage to the traditional Basotho blanket. We interpreted the traditional design principles to design a contemporary pattern that respects the characteristics of this historic blanket.

MATERIALS: 50% Virgin Merino Lambswool & 50% Dralon

SIZE: 1550 x 1650mm

COLOUR: Blue and orange

The potential and inherent beauty of simple shapes intrigues and fascinates us. The idea that all shapes and patterns begins with a simple line, or mark, is an endless source of inspiration for us to create. Out of the nature of our background, Architecture and Interior Architecture, we naturally see the potential of any geometric shape, once combined, duplicated and overlaid, to become a pattern. In the same breath, patterns can be explored in volume; extruding and extending into a materialized form that fills space (be it in a structure or an object). Our captivation in geometric patterns was further explored during the creative conceptualization of the blankets. The process of patterns being interpreted from one dimension to another, in this case, the ‘flat’ patterns became fluid after being woven into an object. The pattern became a product capturing the cultural narratives interwoven into a tactile object touching on the symbolism of shape to enlighten the senses.

For us, it was important to maintain the elements that make the blankets recognizable as a heritage blanket. From the materials used to weave them, to the shape and size, the characteristic ‘pin-stripe’ running across the design (originally a weaving fault, we love this kind of graphic coincidence*), as well as maintaining the traditional colour combinations were respected in the design process. Our idea with the blankets was not to ‘re-write’ the already culturally rich story, but rather to add to the narrative with a new chapter in order to continue the tradition of these historic blankets. We like to think that each woven yarn symbolizes the stories of the people that wear these blankets and pass them down from one generation to the next. It is essential for us to design pieces of quality with meaning, to shift the focus from a ‘buy and replace’ culture to an approach of obtaining something with value that can be cherished.

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